Starting with YouTrack

Hi there,

Testing YouTrack as an alternative solution to Jira Service Desk.

On the jetbrains site it mentions that Youtrack can be used as a service desk: and by other departments. From my testing it seems that the UI is the same for all users.

If it's to be considered as a Service Desk I would have expected a simpler UI for those non-technical who don't know what Agile is or don't have experience using Project Management Tools.

When we started using JSD quite a few years we had the same issue and we got over it by using an add-on that had a simpler UI for users. Is there anything like this for YouTrack?

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

As of now, we are indeed actively working on a new option for the Youtrack interface, which is going to present Youtrack in a simplified manner. We hope to have it released this year, so please stay tuned!

I suggest following our blog at as we are definitely going to make a blog post update once it's released.

If any questions appear, feel free to ask.

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Hi Sergey, that sounds very very interesting! I'll be sure to follow the blog. If you need any beta testers I'm up for that.


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