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I am currently evaluating YouTrack as a replacement to Jira at my company.  There are a number of features I like in YouTrack but there is at least one feature we use regularly that is either missing or I simple don't know how to do.  In Jira it is possible to add filters as buttons on the top of the Agile board.  Although YouTrack allows me to filter via query which is great for developers and more tech savvy users it won't work for some of our less technology literate project managers.

The quick filters that we setup in Jira are by project.  I created the board to do swim lanes by project but the PMs didn't like that because then they had to scroll down to see the issues for a given project.

This doesn't have to be done using buttons and I am open to other approaches to perform the same requirement as long as it doesn't require the user to perform a query.

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Hello Eric,

Try using saved searches - developers can create required queries (i.e., filter by project name) and then just save the query with some corresponding name (i.e. 'Filter by project name'). Then project managers will have to just select the saved search by its name and apply it to the board.

In order to learn how to create saved searches, please refer to

In order to learn how to apply saved searches, please refer to

Please let me know if it helps. 



I'm looking for a replacement for JIRA as well. I ran across this post.  JIRA quick filters are buttons on the agile board page that construct additive filters to narrow the issue list.  They are the one-click equivalent to hand-typing another filter term into the YouTrack filter bar.

We use JIRA quick filters extensively, and the difference in convenience between clicking a button and hand-typing a filter is huge. We can set up the buttons for all of our users, so the users do not need to learn how to express search terms.  Even for those who know how to create a filter term, the time taken to hand-type a filter term in YouTrack is sufficient to make people avoid it.  The result is that insights that are easy in JIRA effectively become out of reach in YouTrack.

Saved searches are not comparable.  We have one board in JIRA with 23 quick search buttons.  That means that there are 10s of thousands of possible combinations of quick searches.  We cannot possibly create all those saved searches, and if we did, we could not possibly name them in a way that anybody could find them.

Quick searches are possibly the single most useful feature of JIRA agile boards.  YouTrack uses additive filtering in its search bar.  Why have you not copied this incredibly useful UX from JIRA?


Hi Andrew, YouTrack has introduced quick filters on the issue list page since our last reply. Please check out this page for more details. Also, we have introduced an alternative interface which, among other things, has a table layout and a set of customizable quick filters. Please check the following blog post out.

Generally, you can check the latest features of YouTrack by watching our webinars: Essentials for getting started and Essentials for administrators.
Feel free to register a free YouTrack Cloud version and get a first impression of the product.



One of the main cases when you are working with a team kanban board is filtering tasks on the board by different field values, e.g., assignee, version, or a custom field. Kanban board is a team tool, and it is very convenient when you can add buttons with different query filters right into the head of the kanban board.

That is a killer feature for teams and managers, and it is a little bit of a pain to create a filter every time via an input field as it works now. I'll be grateful if you add this feature in nearest versions of YouTrack.


Aleksandr Bogdashkin

We have a feature request regarding quick filters on boards. Please feel free to vote for it!


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